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Creditors' Rights

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Heidman Law Firm’s creditors’ rights attorneys represent creditors in various proceedings, from state court to federal bankruptcy court. At Heidman, we also draw from experienced professionals in other areas of the law that may affect your right to recovery, including those involved in business transactions, real estate, and tax law. Whether you represent a bank or you are an individual creditor, the experienced professionals at Heidman Law Firm can help. 

When your debtor or client files for bankruptcy, you may not know what to do or where to turn, but Heidman Law Firm gives you a realistic picture of what will happen next. Our attorneys have experience creating proofs of claim, objecting to plans, representing creditors’ committees, and more. Having experienced creditors’ counsel on your side can greatly increase your chances for recovery. 

Areas of Creditors’ Rights

Collection law

Consumer and retail debt (collection claims against individuals)

Commercial collection claims against business entities

Collecting judgments

Adequate protection in bankruptcy proceedings

Adversary matters in bankruptcy

Chapter 11 Plan negotiation

Reaffirmation of debts

Lifting the automatic stay

Fraudulent transfers

Preferential transfers

Proofs of claim

Objections to discharge

Involuntary bankruptcy proceedings

Filing and foreclosing on mechanic’s liens


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