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Bankruptcy can be a confusing and daunting process for creditors. At Heidman Law Firm, we assist creditors to protect their rights when a debtor files bankruptcy. 

We can provide services related to lifting the automatic stay, filing proofs of claim, objecting to discharge of debts based on fraudulent transfers and preferential transfers, creating and filing debt reaffirmations, negotiating payments in Chapter 12 and Chapter 11, and other issues. 

We have represented creditors’ committees as well as individual creditors in all types of bankruptcies. Our team prides itself on being straightforward and realistic in the evaluation of recoveries in bankruptcy. If you want a real estimate on your chances for recovery and how a debtor’s bankruptcy will affect you, Heidman Law Firm can help.

Areas of Bankruptcy Services

  • Adequate protection in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Adversary matters in bankruptcy
  • Chapter 11 Plan negotiation
  • Reaffirmation of debts
  • Lifting the automatic stay
  • Fraudulent transfers
  • Preferential transfers
  • Proofs of claim