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Municipal Law

Municipal law is a very unique practice area that many firms avoid because of a lack of experience and knowledge. 

Attorneys at Heidman Law Firm have the knowledge and skillset to advise a city, township, village, or town on legal matters. We frequently represent local governments in the surrounding area to assist with their municipal law needs.

Local governments know the importance of understanding the legalities of everything they do before they do it. Researching codes, ordinances, regulations, or other restrictive laws can be cumbersome and confusing. If you are utilizing the experienced attorneys at the Heidman Law Firm, you can rest assured that you are getting advice you can trust.

We offer our services to your local government as your only attorney, or we can provide as-needed, consultation-based information. Not every local government has the funding, or the need, to employ an attorney full-time, and we understand that. With our consultation services, a local government can call with questions or certain tasks on an as-needed basis.


Areas of Municipal Law

  • Ordinance Drafting and Enforcement
  • Zoning
  • Local government employment issues
  • Open meeting laws
  • Annexation
  • Local government contracts, creation and contract disputes
  • Special assessment districts