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Appellate Law

Heidman Law Firm represents parties when a district court decision, verdict, or order is appealed to an appellate court.

We represent parties in appeals to the Iowa Supreme Court and Iowa Court of Appeals, the South Dakota Supreme Court, and the Nebraska Supreme Court, and Nebraska Court of Appeals. Our firm also represents parties in federal appeals to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. 

In our appellate practice, we represent appellants (the unsuccessful party at the district court level), appellees (the successful party at the district court level) and amicus curiae (third parties who wish to file a brief on an issue that is pending on appeal). In anticipation of an appeal, we also represent parties in preparation of post-trial motions at the district court level.

Services Related to Appellate Law

  • Post-trial motions and briefing
  • Civil appeals
  • Appeal defense work
  • Amicus curiae briefing