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Agricultural Law

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Agricultural law encompasses local, state, and federal regulations that apply to livestock, crop, and food production. We represent farmers, ranchers, agricultural cooperatives, input suppliers, manufacturers, processors, lenders, and other agricultural businesses. Many of our attorneys grew up in farm families or rural communities and understand all aspects of agriculture. Our active involvement in farming keeps us keenly aware of modern farm practices and challenges, while our cumulative personal and professional experiences allow us to help agricultural clients face challenges and achieve success. We appreciate how hard our agricultural clients work and strive to be a valued partner in their businesses and operations.   

Areas of Agricultural Law Practice:


Agricultural Liens

Production Contracts, Grain Contracts, Feeding Contracts

Grain and Feed Contamination

Biotechnology and Biosecurity

Farm Leases

Fence and Boundary Disputes


Family Farm Companies

Farm, Estate, and Business Planning

Agricultural Finance and Lending

USDA Farm Programs

Iowa DNR and Federal EPA Rules for Livestock Producers


Wetlands, Water, and Drainage

Wind Energy

Food Production and Safety


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