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Iowa Academy Speech: Jeff W. Wright

March 29, 2016

On February 26, 2016, Jeff W. Wright presented at the Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers' Annual Seminar in Des Moines, Iowa regarding the recent 8th Circuit Court of Appeals decision in Hagen v. Siouxland OB/GYN, et. al.,799 F.3d 922 (8th Cir. 2015) The case presented the question of whether the Plaintiff, being a contract employee, could bring a claim of wrongful discharge in violation of public policy. The 8th Circuit held that the Plaintiff could not bring such a claim, reversing a seven figure judgment in the Plaintiff's favor. Jeff argued the case before the 8th Circuit, while the briefing was done collaboratively between Jeff and fellow Heidman Law Firm partner Joel D. Vos.

During the Iowa Academy presentation, Wright noted several significant points from the 8th Circuit's decision, including preservation of error, the importance of citing 8th Circuit precedent in diversity matters when the Iowa Supreme Court has not decided anything to the contrary, and the Court's finding that the plaintiff was protected from wrongful discharge by his employment contract and did not require the protections created for at-will employees under the wrongful termination in violation of public policy tort.

Jeff is a Fellow of the Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers.

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