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Blog: Iowa Supreme Court Rules On Sioux City Speed Camera Case

February 24, 2015

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In an opinion released on February 20, 2015, the Iowa Supreme Court upheld a district court’s decision finding a violation for speeding based on a ticket issued by one of Sioux City’s mobile speed cameras. In City of Sioux City v. Michael Jacobsma, the Defendant was found responsible for speeding in violation of the city’s automated traffic enforcement ordinance. No. 13-1502 (2015). The Defendant challenged the decision arguing that the ordinance violated the Due Process Clauses of the Iowa and United States Constitutions, the inalienable rights clause of the Iowa Constitution, and the Iowa Municipal home rule amendment that prohibits cities from enacting ordinances that conflict with state law.

The Iowa Supreme Court found, among other things, that it is “permissible under the Iowa due process clause for an [automatic traffic enforcement] ordinance to allow a city to make a prima facie case of liability based upon vehicle ownership and photographic evidence that the vehicle was involved in a violation of the ordinance.” Id. at 23.

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