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20 under 40: Ashley Gordon

March 14, 2019

20 under 40: Ashley Gordon

Ashley Gordon, Legal/administrative assistant at Whorley Heidman Law Firm in Sheldon

SHELDON—Ashley Gordon never thought she would work in the legal field.

The 35-year-old is a legal/administrative assistant at Whorley Heidman Law Firm, directly working for Tom Whorley whose namesake graces the practice’s downtown Sheldon office building.

Gordon still remembers how nervous she was during her job interview at the firm when she sat down with Whorley, Jack De Hoogh and Micah Schreurs.

“It was very intimidating — I think was intended to be — but it worked out,” she said.

Gordon’s path to the legal world began in June 2006 when she was working at Hy-Vee in Sheldon.

Her boss at the time heard about an opening at what was then known as Wolff, Whorley & De Hoogh law firm and encouraged her to apply.

“My boss said, ‘You know what, as much as I don’t want you to leave here, I think you would be really good at this job. I think you should apply for it and I think there would be more opportunity for you there.’” Gordon said. “So I did, thinking I wouldn’t get it because I didn’t have a degree in it, but they were really willing to take a chance with me. It worked out well.”

Gordon is approaching her 13th year with the firm.

“I don’t think I ever would have gone for it on my own,” she said.

What Gordon loves most about the firm is the internal camaraderie.

“I enjoy the atmosphere in this office, specifically our branch is like family,” she said. “We’ve worked together for so long we know all of each others’ family members, we genuinely care about what’s going in each other’s lives. We can get a lot of work done and still have fun.”

Besides the closeness of the staff, Gordon also appreciates the day-to-day duties of her job.

“I also really enjoy the work I do for Tom — I do a lot of our probate work,” she said. “There’s something new every day really — I know that sounds cheesy — there’s always different circumstances that people need help with that you don’t expect and some you could never come up with. It’s interesting work.”

Some of Gordon’s additional responsibilities at the firm include some bookkeeping, helping out with information technology troubleshooting, dictation, title work for property purchases and as Whorley puts it, “various and a sundry of things as assigned.

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