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Dan Dykstra, Partner

Dan Dykstra, Partner

Dan Dykstra - The culture at Heidman Law Firm is to be a very collaborative group-- attorneys talk with each other and we have an open-door policy.  We hire for the long term.  When an attorney is hired, our goal is for that person to ultimately become a partner.

We practice law in primarily three states (Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota) so there is a variety of work to do, which is the beauty of living in Sioux City. Each state has their own laws and it creates interesting work and gives us a chance to influence law in three states, not just one.

Compared to large firms in big cities, we work with each other more and give our Associates the opportunity to try cases, participate and meet clients, and give Associates more opportunities earlier in their career than most Firms.  Associates will gain experience trying cases quickly and quite possibly try your own jury cases in a couple years. We have a lot of experienced lawyers to teach you how to be a good lawyer.

We have a broad range of practice areas and are a sizable enough Firm to participate in virtually all aspects of the law. This gives Associates opportunities to specialize and have a lot of choices of practice areas. Associates can discover which area of the law they enjoy and practice in that area.

The Heidman Law Firm has been a part of Sioux City history for over 125 years. We know that Sioux City is a great place to live and we love to be actively involved in the community. The Firm is located on Historic 4th Street in the Evans Block Building which was totally renovated in 2006 and is one of several historic buildings that has helped redevelop this area of the City.

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