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About Sioux City, Iowa

"...while populous states like New York and Texas may seem the most attractive for job-seekers, it’s Iowa that may be the best bet for people looking for work." Market Watch, May 3, 2019 Here’s the No. 1 state for jobs in the U.S. — and it’s not California or New York

Heidman Law Firm is proud to call Sioux City, Iowa home, and has been established here for over 125 years. Many of the attorneys from Heidman Law Firm are originally from the tri-state area. In fact, being an integral part of the community is one of the many traits of historical significance about our heritage. Community involvement and “giving back” have been an integral part of our history from the beginning. Our attorneys have a lot to say about Siouxland!

Sitting along the banks of the Missouri River, Sioux City has the unique position of being the hub of a community called Siouxland. Just across the river to the southwest is South Sioux City, NE and to the northwest Dakota Dunes and North Sioux City, SD. These cities, along with several others make up the great community of Siouxland. Solidifying our commitment to northwest Iowa Heidman Law Firm merged with Whorley Heidman Law Firm in Sheldon, Iowa in 2017.

The Siouxland Chamber of Commerce is a cohesive team made up of representatives from multiple cities, all working towards the betterment of the Siouxland area. Economic development is booming with new businesses choosing to locate in Siouxland and developers working to revitalize historic buildings.  

Arts and culture along with other popular entertainments are alive and active throughout the year. The people of Siouxland are involved in their community, they see what needs to be done and do it, by volunteering and taking pride in finding ways to make Siouxland an even more vibrant community every day.

Locating the perfect place to call home in Sioux City is an affordable endeavor. Homes in the Sioux City range from historical homes like the Palmer Mansion – Chocolate House to brand new homes, or refurbished downtown lofts. Whether you prefer to live in a planned or an established neighborhood there are affordable choices for every live style.  


Sioux City’s unique tri-state (Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota) and metro location gives you a range of excellent educational opportunities.

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