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Sioux City Office History

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Our history

Heidman Law Firm, an experienced firm which practices criminal defense, employment law, construction law, business law, and more, was founded in 1891, when attorney George Conway moved to Sioux City and began his law practice in the Iowa Savings Bank building. Mr. Conway’s primary practice areas included litigation and business law. Melvin Langworthy Sears later joined the firm, adding corporate law expertise.  In 1918, Jacob C. Gleysteen was admitted to the firm as a general practice partner. His son, John W. Gleysteen, joined the firm in 1935, launching the “Gleysteen era,” a period spanning an impressive 63 years. 


News from Sioux City

Heidman Law Firm built its foundation on litigation and business law. Over time, however, the firm has expanded, admitting partners offering expertise in a wide variety of practice areas in order to better serve our clients’ needs.



The firm has changed its name and office locations within downtown Sioux City several times since 1891.  Most recently, it was renamed Heidman Law Firm, coinciding with the firm’s move in 2006 to the newly renovated historic Evans Block building.

Old book

Throughout the 125-year history of Heidman Law Firm, one underlying value has remained constant:  our dedication -- dedication, not just to our clients, but also to maintaining and honoring the integrity of our profession and to serving our community, region and state. Recorded history clearly demonstrates the ongoing commitment of Heidman Law Firm attorneys to service and excellence.  That sense of dedication continues today and remains Heidman Law Firm’s hallmark and lasting legacy. 



The History of Heidman Law Firm

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