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Rebuilding The Grandview Park Pergola

Image of a vintage postcard with the Pergola and drive in Grandview Park, Sioux City, IA

Heidman Law Firm is partnering with other Siouxland businesses and the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce to rebuild a pergola that was once situated on a hill southwest of the Bandshell at Grandview Park.

Several attorneys went on a walking tour of Park given by the Sioux City Museum and were inspired to find out more about the pergola that once stood there. After much research and meeting with the city and architects, plans were finalized to recreate this beautiful structure. It is hoped that construction will begin in 2020.

A couple sits in front of a pergola, Grandview Park, Sioux City, IowaPergola History

Grandview Park opened in 1908 and it is believed the pergola was built then, it is also believed that the structure was removed before 1958. Pictured below are some of the photos of the former pergola, it was also featured in a tourist postcard circa 1945.


 Grandview Park Pergola, Circa 1912 Alternative view of Grandview Park Pergola, Circa 1912

Unique view of Grandview Park Pergola, est. circa 1912 Additional information about Grandview Park can be found below.

Sioux City History 

The Sioux City Historic Preservation Commission.


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